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I still have no idea what I'm doing.
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So I'm catching up on "The Colbert Report" and during the April 27 episode, Stephen makes mention that he has an action figure. 
As seen here: 

Which, as the eagle-eyed viewer I am, I spot as the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Wesley "Bad Girls" action figure, which I happen to own,
with some glasses glued on his head and a red tie.

The fact that Colbert used a Wes action figure is cool on so many levels, and so perfect!
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posted by [personal profile] selannia at 01:12pm on 29/04/2009
Movies!  Concerts!  Conventions!

The first information is up for this year's Can't Stop the Serenity.  I've already pre-ordered my shirt.

I'm seriously considering a trip to Chicago for the Harry Potter Exhibit.  I just need to decide on dates.  [ profile] jhava  - when are you going to be in Chicago, or have I missed it? 
There's Albannach in June.

There's Shore Leave in July.  Another side note to [ profile] jhava   - if you stay a few days after Shore Leave, the Harry Potter movie will be out on July 15 and you can see it here!   Also, remind me to check for a Heyerdahl shaped blanket lump in the car when we go home.  That's just in case [ profile] beeej  decides to bring home an extra souvenir!

I also must go see Green Day this tour.  I neglected to do so last time and I regret it.   Rancid is going to be in Baltimore - that's a maybe.  And I still haven't been to the 9:30 to hear Bob Mould DJ.  Must do that.

I've got a full summer planned, now come Lottery!  Mama needs gas money, and a vacation in Europe!

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posted by [personal profile] selannia at 01:40pm on 24/04/2009
I'm on the Twitter.  Same name as here.  Come follow me!

Speaking of following, is it usual that random people just start following you?  A guy who records ambient music started following me.  I'm not sure why. 

Also, can someone explain the Follow Me Friday business?
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This is what it looks like today, April 20th, at my folk's house in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  This is the backyard.

Note to self: must win lottery and buy elderly parents new house in warm climate.

I would, however, keep this house ready and stocked with food and weapons in case of a Zombie Apocalypse.  All that cold makes the zombies slow and easy to dispatch.

You know what you get after watching eight episodes of B5 in a row?  Dreams about Vorlons.

There's a new coffee machine system we're trying at the office and because I'm so very tired, I tried the espresso.  Not bad.  But even though I rarely drink coffee it's not really perking me up.  My system processes coffee at a million miles an hour but still hangs on to carbohydrates I ate four years ago.  Stupid metabolism.

I downloaded the new Green Day single and I can't stop playing it.  I'm very much looking forward to the album, but I'm not very happy with the marketing being done by Warner Brothers.  I pre-ordered the album some weeks ago.  After that pre-order there was an offer for a super-mega version with cool booklets and other stuff.  I don't really care about the packaging, but many people had already ordered a copy when they would've preferred the expanded version.  What cheeses me is that if pre-ordred on I-Tunes, there are bonus tracks.  Will the original cd pressing have any bonus tracks?  I don't know, but I'm rather pissed that WB is milking this and fucking with a very loyal fanbase.

How I wish Lookout Records had kept their shit together and not defaulted on their roylaties to Green Day.  I'd happily buy the vinyl version from them and be done with it, but the label burned their bridges with the band and I'm stuck with Warner Bros. shennaigans.  

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It seems there are a species of ants that are all female and reproduce by cloning.  I've read that story before.  Alice Sheldon, you were so amazing.

What do henchmen do with their spare time?  Start a book club.

The more I read about the Star Trek porn movie, the more I want to see it.  It looks like they really tried with the costumes and sets.  I wonder what the music will sound like?  The dude playing Kirk is able to throw a Full Shatner so I have hope for at least some of the acting.  I know we won't see Kirk and Spock making sweet love down by the fire, but still.  It could actually work.  If they can sell this maybe there'd be an entire series of moives based on the incarnations of Trek.  I'm giggling just thinking about it.

It's Friday, it's 70 degress out, I have a full evening of fan girl goodness planned, and I broke down and bought the new Green Day single "Know You Enemy" off I-Tunes.   I will be blasting it on the car stereo all the way home!  There's something about Green Day that makes me feel 19 years old  and pissed off, and I love them for that. 
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Today I made Easter lasagna because I'm sick of ham and it rocks!

At Chez [ profile] beeej we're having a complete rewatch of Babylon 5.  I'd forgotten how twisty and arc-heavy this show was.  I'd also forgotten about the bad 80's hair and shoulder pads, but I'm willing to overlook that because G'Kar is just the coolest. 

I haven't read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies yet, but I'm already looking forward to the author's second book Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

So, today we find out that someone at Amazon thought it would be a good idea to make the site "safer" by removing the rankings for certain books it finds questionable.  Oh, Amazon.  You've been around long enough to know better.   You make me sad.

Does anyone have a link to a site that includes addresses for the mailing of letters explaining how that's just not cool?

ETA: This makes complete sense to me.
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Meme! With icons chosen by [ profile] beeej

1. Reply to this post and I will pick six of your icons
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create an icon spiral which will expand and take over the universe.

 This is an angry, smoking bunny in a scary suit.I have different bunnies for different occasions.
The artist is Kozik and he's awesome. This is one of my crappy homemade icons that I love.

 The first season of Dexter was a delight.  The icon was made by[info]myrasis and featuresDoakes, a cop in the same police department where Dexter works, showing how he followed Dexter around allseason trying to catch him doing something naughty.  Doakes liked to swear a whole fucking lot. He didn't likeDexter and could never quite figure out what was going on until it was much, much too late.  The moral of the storyis don't get between the serial killer and the horrible people he's trying to kill.  You'll end up getting fried all crispy.

From The Soup.  This icon was made by [info]iconzicons   and memorializes a running joke on the show.  It's from a story about a random image on still store that was, for no apparent reason, broadcast for five seconds during a local westcoast newscast dealing with drunk driving.  Spaghetti Cat has made many appearences on The Soup but never has much to say. 

Made by

[ profile] tailypo   This is from The Middleman, the best summer series from 2008 that did not get an audience even though I mentally commaded people to watch it.  I guess my mutant powers are too weak and I need to spend more time rolling around in radioactive waste.  Anyway, it was a show about a guy who fought crimes of an alien/mutant/super criminal nature named the Middleman (no other name) and his sidekick and trainee Wendy Watson (aka Dubby).  The show was fast, had cool bad guys, cool guns, a season long arc, great supporting characters and was way pop culture oriented.  It was smart, had strong female characters and the hero never swore and always drank his milk.  It was doomed.  Based on a comic series of the same name written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach, it ran for 12 episodes last summer.  The final episode is rumored to be released as a comic eventually because even though ABC never officially cancelled it, it's not on their radar anymore.  The DVD is due to be released in July in time for Comic Con.  Repeat: THE SERIES WILL BE AVAILABLE IN DVD IN JULY!!!

In this scene, our heroes have to be decontaminated and Dubby does not believe that they have to take off their
clothes.  The Middleman replies that he is indeed serious, "Serious as a German film festival."  And just look at his camo boxers!  This show was so awesome. *sniff*

Another from [ profile] iconzicons .  This is from Halloween.  Linus wants you to die.  But really, of all the Peanuts characters he's the one you'd expect to go nuts and kill people what with the blanket and luring girls to dark pumpkin patches.  It's tempting to think that Charlie Brown would eventually crack and take a sawed off shotgun to the gang after years of torment, but you'd be wrong. Charlie Brown is the one who was a secret cutter and will die at the age of 39 of auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Last one! In this icon by [info]sporkyadrasteia  we have the rules to Rock Paper Scissor Lizard Spock.  As developed by Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, the additional two options decrease the possibility of the players of the game throwing the same thing causing multiple throws and having consistent draws between people familiar with each other and negating the point of the exercise which is to determine a clear winner.  Unfortunately, all the participants of the new, improved game always throw Spock.  Sheldon is my geek television boyfriend because Jim Parsons is the shit.  Behold: 




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I talked to my Mom today and among the random family chatter I found out that my folks watch The Daily Show.  They watch the 8pm (7pm Central Time) replay from the night before. Every day!   They hate Rush Limbaugh and my Mom frequently gets mad at the pundits on Fox News and yells at the television.    Whoa.

For those of you with liberal leaning or centrist parents, you may think "yeah, so?".  But my folks were Regan/Bush/Bush Republicans.  Hardcore Republicans.   All it took was years of me running my mouth about the government and the loss of a goodly chunk of their retirement and the stupid that was the public face of George W. Bush to make my parents Democrats.  Which after eight years, is the one and only thing for which I'm gratefull to W.

Something good.

Something great.

Something so sucktastic it makes my bowels clench.
(/\ Contains casting spoilers for Dollhouse)


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